Unlawful Imprisonment

Unlawful Imprisonment Lawyer in New Jersey and New York

Have You Been Charged With Unlawful Imprisonment?

This could take the form of not allowing someone to leave their home, office or even their vehicle. Committing this type of a crime is a serious offense, considered a felony that could result in harsh penalties which range from probation to up to over five years in prison.

If the victim is released voluntarily by the person committing the crime without any injury to the victim and in a safe location, the crime becomes a misdemeanor. Although less severe, this charge also carries a sentence of up to six months in jail, steep fines and up to three years of probation. If you or someone you know is facing unlawful imprisonment charges, it is advisable to consult with a New Jersey and New York criminal defense attorney who has the skills you will need to properly present a defense on your behalf.

Skilled Defense Attorney for Your Charges

When facing serious criminal charges, it is of utmost importance to have legal counsel who is well-versed in the handling of any type of charge you may be confronting. The Ibrahim Law Group is that firm. With many years of experience in criminal defense, our attorneys are dedicated to providing you with aggressive and relentless representation, taking the time to personally obtain all of the information they need to skillfully prepare your defense. There are many defenses for this type of a crime, especially if you have been charged by a family member. If your sole intent was to assume lawful custody of your family member and no injury was involved in the process, this alone could exonerate you. This is a common situation in family matters where a child is being picked up for visitation and the spouse refuses to allow the child to be taken, or in other custody matters. This is only one of the arsenal of defenses that the legal team has that the firm has successfully used in the past to have clients’ charges either reduced or dismissed altogether. Don’t risk having this type of charge on your record, contact the Ibrahim Law Group today.

For a free case consultation regarding your criminal charges, contact the Ibrahim Law Group today!

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